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Booking Through Thursday 11-3-11

Booking Through Thursday

All other thing being equal, would you rather read a book that’s hard/challenging/rewarding or light/enjoyable/easy?

Actually I would have to say both. Generally I enjoy books for the quality and reward of the novel itself, and that can be either an easy or a challenging read. I don’t feel that a book has to be hard to make it worthwhile, there are lighter books that are rewarding reads. That being said, there are light and fluffy books that I read when I need a pick me up, and I call those my candy books – not good in large doses, but sweet and tasty in small amounts!

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  1. I totally agree. I hadn’t thought of classing some books as ‘candy books’ which is weird because there are movies I class as ‘popcorn movies’ – good in small amounts, but pretty much brainless fun!

    My BTT is here if you’d like a look 🙂

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