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About Me

I’m a writer of fiction, mostly in the scifi, fantasy, horror, erotic and mainstream genres, of short stories as well as novels and flash fiction. In nonfiction I focus on the intersection of underrepresented voices in fiction, particularly in regards to the history of  race, neurodivergency and queerness in fiction, with a focus on the speculative genre.  I like to joke that the only thing I don’t write are westerns, mysteries and romances, however, if I’m honest, elements of those creep into my other writing at times. I read anything I can get my hands on, although usually in the same genres I write in.

I’m a professional fiction editor (although I do handle nonfiction and memoir as well) at Gryphin Literary, While working with both beginning and experienced authors, I tailor my feedback to each individual work and author, while maintaining the same standard of critique. In addition to editing, I have taught a variety of classes to both teenagers and adults, and am currently the EIC of Typehouse Literary Magazine  Along with a B.A. in journalism, an M.F.A in creative writing, and a number of classes in editing, I live and breathe the literary world . . . when I’m not working on my plans for world domination.  Drop me a line if you like!

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  1. I would love permission to reprint your hint fiction story titled “Insomnia.” It would be for a new book on short writing: “How To Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times.” To be published by Little, Brown in 2013. Thanks you. Roy Peter Clark

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